Our Approach

The terms “day trading” and “market timing” aren’t things you will hear us talk about at TABER Asset Management. That’s because we believe, as a fiduciary, that a sound financial strategy doesn’t involve those tactics involving excessive trading commissions. Our approach is to offer recommendations based on how an investment will perform over the next five to 10 years, not what it will do before the end of the year.

Our method to help you build, grow and preserve your wealth is simple. We purposefully identify a small number of companies to consider for investment –

typically a number under 50. We concentrate our investments because we believe that nearly all good investments involve lower diversification – something that the majority of the investment world doesn’t necessarily do.

We also don’t place investments into categories like many other companies do, such as Small Cap Growth or Large Cap Value. Instead, we carefully monitor and assess promising companies that have the ability to produce results for our clients.

Our Process

Identifying these companies involves a comprehensive research process that includes detailed interviews with a company’s competitors, vendors, as well as their suppliers and bankers. From that information, objective feedback is received from both observers and those directly impacted by the company. From there, conversations with company management shed light about their expectations and any prospects they may have in both the long and short term.

From there, we dig in to a deep analysis of the financial information about the company alongside third party information and decide whether we believe this company is a good fit for our clientele.

Companies that pass through this comprehensive vetting process and are deemed worthy of investment are then placed in to one, or more, of our six account classes: Growth, Growth & Income, Equity Income, Balanced, Fixed Income, or Money Market Accounts.

TABER Asset Management, a fiduciary, has established itself as a leader, utilizing research to drive investments for the long term. Our time-tested and value-oriented approach combines both the principles of Graham and Dodd (value investing) and Philip Fisher (growth investing) to create, grow, and preserve your wealth over time.