What to Seek in Your Financial Advisor

January 25, 2018

What qualities should you look for in a financial planning professional? Here is a list of qualities that will help you determine if a potential financial planner or investment advisor is up to snuff or as a measuring stick if you currently have one:


1. Experience: The financial industry does not regulate financial advisors based on experience. Overall, you want someone who has seen the ups and downs of the market. Accessing FINRA - Broker Check online will give you an indication of an advisor’s experience and compliance record.


2. Long Term Outlook and Diversification: A good financial advisor will look at investments in terms of their long-term potential, not to make a quick buck. You also want someone who will encourage you to diversify your investments while taking your retirement saving goals and risk tolerance into consideration.


3. Patience and Considerate: No two individuals’ investment needs are the same. Your financial advisor should recommend a specific strategy that works for you, your goals, and your risk tolerance. Your financial advisor should also take the time to educate you on a customized investment strategy and make sure you understand the details - no matter how long it takes.


4. Honesty: Your financial planner or investment advisor should be up front with how they earn their money - if they earn through fees or commission. Each approach has their pros and cons. An honest professional in the field of investments will spell that out for you.


5. Integrity: A good financial planner or investment management professional will explain the difference between front-load commissions and fee-based investing. Your investing professional should take time to walk you through the fees associated with investments they recommend. We believe that clients fare best when their interests align with those of your investment advisor’s!


TABER Asset Management focuses on providing a proven process of creating wealth and building financial wealth that aligns with our clients’ individual needs. We work with our clients to develop individualized strategies that factor in retirement planning goals, risk tolerances, and robust long-term financial health.


If you have questions and would like to inquire about our financial planning and investment management services, please call 515-557-1860 or email invest@taberasset.com.


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